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Honkai Impact 3
Q: How do I claim the Pre-login Event rewards?
A: All players that log-in to Honkai Impact 3rd within one month of the game's release will be able to claim the Pre-login Event rewards, including 300 crystals, Jixuanyuan Aqua (T), Jixuanyuan Aqua (M), Jixuanyuan Aqua (B), the Vermillion Edge katana, and the Global Pre-login emblem.
*The Pre-login Event rewards can be claimed via in-game mail. Rewards will become invalid after the server is open for one month.
*Players on the Global server who log-in after 04:00 April 27th, 2018 will no longer be able to collect the Pre-login Event rewards.
Q: Which time zone is used in Honkai Impact 3rd?
A: Honkai Impact 3rd Global version has 2 different servers, the Americas server uses GMT-5, and the Europe server uses GMT+1, Captains can also see this information in the upper-left corner their respective server's in-game announcements~
The time mentioned in Honkai Impact 3rd's announcements and events is based on your current server. If you show up on the wrong time, there won't be any way for you to start a new adventure! After all, Valkyries need some rest from time to time qwq
Make sure to check your current server time if you want to show up on the right in-game time!
Q: How do I switch the game sever?
A: Enter the main menu, click Settings>Others, you can switch both language and game server.The game data can't be transferred between different server.
Q: After downloading the game, how come I am still unable to install/run Honkai Impact 3rd?
A: Possible causes:
1) The installer package may have been damaged during the downloading, please try redownloading and installing the package again.
2) There is not enough storage space on your device, please ensure that there is 2GB of free space to install the game.
3) The device's specs are too low, please check whether or not your device meets the minimum device requirements listed below.
Q: How to link a Guest account to miHoYo account/ Mobile phone/ Email/ Facebook/ Google play?
A: Guest account is available to iOS device only.
You will take a risk of lost guest account if you don't link it to miHoYo account/ Mobile phone/ Email/ Facebook/ Google play.
1. After logging in with the guest account, tap your name on the upper left of the main menu to view your player info and then tap on the "Account" on the right.
2. Choose which account you wish to link to, and then link to your guest account.
*Please note: you may not link your guest account by directly logging into Facebook/Google play in the game's initial login menu upon entering the game.
Q: After logging into a Facebook/Google play account, how can I logout and change accounts?
A: 1. After logging into your Facebook/Google play account, open the player info screen by tapping your name on the upper left of the main menu and tap the account tab.
2. Tap on "Logout" to immediately logout of your account and return to the game's login menu.
*Please note: Captains logged in via a web-browser will need to logout out of their Facebook account via the web-browser in order to switch accounts.
Q: The game keeps notifying that my network is unstable and I am unable to play. What should I do?
A: This may be caused by fluctuations in your network environment, we advise captains to play the game in a good network environment. If you encounter issues, we recommend trying different networks. If you are using 4G, try switching to a WiFi network and vice versa. If possible, players can try changing between different network carriers or try waiting and then entering the game a little later.
Q: Can I play Honkai Impact 3 on PC?
A: Sure. You can play on PC through Tencent Gaming Buddy. Click here to download.
Q: How do I download and install the emulator?
A: Click here to download the installation package, open the downloaded package and click “Install”. Open Tencent Gaming Buddy after installation, find Honkai Impact 3 in “My Games” and click “Play” to launch the game.
Q: I'm using an iPhone 6/6 Plus and I play through Gamecenter. How do I login Tencent Gaming Buddy?
A: Please first make sure you have linked your miHoYo account before logging in with your miHoYo account on Tencent Gaming Buddy to continue your game progress.
Q: How do I contact the miHoYo team?
A: If you encounter any issue in the game, you can provide feedbacks via following channels:
1. The "Feedback" button on the bottom left of the game's main menu.
2. Official customer support mail: honkai3rd_global@mihoyo.com
3. Official Facebook:@global.honkaiimpact